(1) Cloud ICU (Cloud Life Monitoring System)


Main function


Abnormal blood oxygen and heartbeat notify to the caregiver's mobile phone through our cloud computer system





The existing blood oxygen machine can transmit the detected blood oxygen and heartbeat data to the mobile phone by using APP BLUETOOTH.

For continuous (REALTIME) detection of heart beat and blood oxygen , the rechargeable battery of each oximeter can be used for 12 hours


We design an APP that can transmit the values of blood oxygen and heartbeat in the mobile phone to our cloud computer. In our cloud computer, we design LINE notification system, if the blood oxygen machine REALTIME detects a patient with hypoxia or abnormal heartbeat, The cloud computer LINE system will notify the mobile phone of the caregiver. After reconfirmation, if the abnormality is still there, we should send the patient to the hospital for detail examination



How to use


(1) The care recipient must first purchase a blood oxygen machine that fit to our APP design, and wear it correctly according to the user’s manual, so that the blood oxygen and heartbeat data can be correctly transmitted to the mobile phone. Because it needs the cloud computer to inform the patient and caregiver when it is abnormal by our cloud system. The mobile phone should use apple or android OS 10 or above


   The brands of oximeters fit to our cloud computer APP are:




(2) Open the Bluetooth function of the mobile phone of the recipient.


(3) Inform us the mobile phone numbers of the care recipients and the caregivers who need to be notified when the data is abnormal by email


(3) Join our APP in your mobile phone


(4) We can start using the system after logging in


Our cloud computer system indefinite use fee is 200 USD, change of care recipient cellular phone number and caregiver cellular phone number is 10 USD every time




Usage example


(1) In local hospital or hospital without ICU devices, using the cloud ICU, the patients can be monitoring. When there is abnormal blood oxygen or heartbeat, the cloud computer can immediately notify the nurses through the mobile phone, which increases the safety of the patients and reduce the expensive cost of ICU devices.


(2) If there is a bedridden patient at home, using the cloud ICU, the caregiver does not need to be always around. When there is abnormal blood oxygen or heartbeat, the cloud computer can immediately notify the caregivers through the mobile phone, which increases the safety of the patient and reduces the caregiver’s stress and tension



(3) Bedridden patients in nursing homes should wear a blood oxygen machine at night. If there is any abnormality, The cloud computer will notify the nursing staff via mobile phones, increase the safety of patients.


(4) For patients with corona virus infection, in the acute stage (about 7 days), if they worry about the deterioration of their condition, or happy hypoxia, the real-time cloud ICU system can help patients to decide whether need immediately medical attention or not.



(2)   Cloud motion monitoring system ( Care system for people live alone)


Main function


Activity detection for the elderly people living alone




The care system for the elderly living alone is important in of public health.


We design 3 kinds of motion detection sensors


1. Sling Sensor (Necklace sensor), including emergency button


2. Door sensor


3. Toilet sensor


All three sensors contain power acceleration IC. When the power acceleration reaches a certain level, it will be converted from static into moving to avoid false movement.


When it is not in moving, sensors will transmits a static message to the receiver every 3 seconds, the receiver is connected to our cloud computer by WIFI, and the static time is accumulated. When any one of the three sensors moves more than the power acceleration IC, the sensor will send the mobile signal to the receiver, and then to the cloud computer, the cloud computer will reset the still time and recalculate the still time


Using the accumulation of stationary time of the 3 sensors, we can know how much time the old man did not move in the room, how much time he did not open the door, and how much time he did not go to the toilet. When the elderly does not move for certain time( Usually 8 hours), the computer will use the line system to notify the caregiver or children and ask them to contact the elderly by their mobile phones. If he does not answer, go to check


Design features


(1) Our receiver can wirelessly receive sensors within a radius of 15 meters. Usually one house one receiver is enough. The sensors have a special power-saving design. After we put the button battery into the sensors, The sensors can transmitted to the receiver every 3 seconds, 24 hours for 6 months

Button battery pattern is CR-2450, can be purchased in 7-11



(2) Our cloud computer can notify the caregiver or children by message through the LINE system we designed with Japanese company when the elderly living alone do not move for more than a certain period.


How to use


(1) The elderly living alone must have an Internet connection at home, and purchase our motion detection sensors and receiver set


(2) Following the instructions, hang the sling Sensor (Necklace sensor) on the elderly living alone. Fix the door sensor on the door of the room, Put the toilet sensor in the toilet water tank


(3) Turn on the power of the sensors and inform us the sensor and receiver series number


(4) Inform us of the mobile phone numbers of the caregivers who need to be notified in case of abnormality. After logging in the data to our cloud computer, the system can be used


The price of motion detection sensor is 50 USD/each. The receiver set is 150 USD


Usage example


(1)  Mr. Zhang and his sister work in Taipei and Kaohsiung and their mother live in Tainan country . Although they are very concern about their mother’s health, except calling a call every day, there is no other better way to make sure his mother is in good health. After using this system, when the mother has an emergency, she can push the Emergency button, The cloud computer will notify Mr. Zhang and sister by line, they can do the immediately action for their mother. When the mother does not move , does not open the door, and does not go to the toilet for 8 hours, the cloud computer detects the inactivity and give warning to Mr. Zhang and his sister. They can do the proper action. So Mr. Zhang and his sister can work without worrying. When the mother is abnormal, they can be informed and give their help to their mother in time. The mother can also live in her own home without worrying and get appropriate assistance when there is a problem.


(2) The elderly people usually like to live in their own homes than nursing home, but they worried that if they get sick, no one will know about it and they might die. The children also require the elderly to live in nursing homes because they have no time to take care of them. After using this system, the elderly can live in their own homes. If there is any abnormality at home, the cloud PC will notify someone. They can get help in time. It can reduce the cost of going to nursing homes.


(2)  There is an emergency button on the Necklace sensor. When the elderly people feel uncomfortable, he can press the emergency button, the cloud computer will immediately notify the caregiver the location and do the immediately action. This is also good in emergency room in the hospital, when patient feel uncomfortable, he can push the emergent button in necklace, the nurse or the children can immediately notice the situation and do the proper action.


(3)  Wheelchair safety Melody


Main function

1. Fall warning bell

2. Call service ring


Expected effect

1. Increase the safety and convenience of patients

2. Reduce the tension and pressure of caregivers



1.      When the patient falls, a warning bell will be emitted. Ask the caregiver come to help


2. There is a service call on the wheelchair safety bell. When the patient need service  (such as going to the toilet or needing help), he/she can actively press the call bell and ask someone to help.


1.      When the caregiver does not hear the bell, they can do other their work. Only when they hear the bell, they need to assist the patient. It can reduce the pressure on the caregiver and increase the work efficiency.


Design features

1. The seat cushion is designed with 11 pressure sensors. When the patient falls, the pressure of the seat cushion sensors will change and emit a warning bell. Ask the caregiver to help. The seat cushion sensors are connected by a soft row, which can bend 160 degrees for more than 2000 times and can be used for the storage of the wheelchair. Please see Video 3. Video 4. Video 5.


2. The fixing method of the machine using the special Velcro strapping method. As long as the wheelchair with handles, it can be fixed. For the fixing method of the strap, please see video 2.


1.      The wheelchair safety bell design with special power-saving components. Two AAA alkaline batteries can be used for one year. Please see video 1 for the battery installation and replacement method.