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Taiwan Telecare Device Company (TTDC) is an electronics company that "designs special equipment for long-term care." We deeply understand that products in the long-term care market must be easy to use and affordable. With the development and changes of the industrial and commercial era and regulations, it is really not easy to find suitable caregivers in today's aging society. At this time, if we can use the continuous assistance of "digital cloud platform, active technology detection, and network transmission of alerts" will be a great system for care recipients, family members and caregivers! Therefore, TTDC has established its own cloud monitoring service system and database in Microsoft's cloud service center AZURE to collect real-time information from the care recipients. When there is a physical abnormality in the care recipients, the cloud monitoring service system will immediately send warning information to Family members, children or caregivers can instantly know the status of the person being cared for, no matter where they are in the world.

Based on this principle, TTDC developed and designed three simple and practical products:

Cloud ICU blood oxygen monitoring system

Cloud care system for the elderly living alone

Wheelchair Safety Bell Care Kit

Through TTDC's products, you can keep abreast of the latest measurement data and take full care of your health!