Customer Service

Customer Service


(1) A customer service network will be established. Each customer has a customer service agent who attends to various questions via email; the agent also emails to inform the customer when the product is to be shipped. When the product is scheduled to arrive, information such as s tracking number will be provided by the agent.


(2) During the two-year warranty period of the Melody Console, should there be any malfunction or damage, you can send it back to our company and we will return the product to you after repairment. However, the seat cushion is a consumable item, and therefore is not covered by the warranty.


(3) Designated music bell method:

Anyone who purchases 30 sets or more can choose the following music ringtones (choose 1 from 5)

Ringtone01  Ringtone02  Ringtone03  Ringtone04  Ringtone05